Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time, like an ever-rolling stream

Two weeks of steady work in unexpected early-spring sunshine have achieved a slight improvement in things. Most of the work has been structural: raised beds constructed, earth moved, rubbish cleared, structures repainted and a pattern imposed on the place. Just as planting had started the weather closed down, and although there's been a little much-needed rain the sleet and snow that followed has not been what the blossom on the newly-planted fruit bushes need.

Maybe next week will be more clement, and more plants can be bedded in.

Whilst we were working away we were entertained by the birdlife: a buzzard; herons from the nearby stream, flocks of small tweeters and an opportunistic sparrowhawk, perching slateblue and speckled off-white on a water butt opposite.

Progress can be measured in many ways: I haven't found a scale to measure this.